About Us


Cain & Bultman, Inc. was founded in 1924, its start was small. Mr. Sandifer’s vision didn’t really start to take shape until 1961, when he bought Cain & Bultman from the estate of founder Mr. Fred Bultman. But his influence began much earlier. His career as a salesman — Cain & Bultman’s only salesman — began in 1932. Florida was his territory for the sale of Atwater Kent radios, batteries and automobile tires.

When Mr. J.A. Cain died in the 1950’s, Mr. Bultman offered N.H. Sandifer an opportunity to buy an interest in Cain & Bultman. By mortgaging just about everything he owned Nordie took a chance on the future. Even then that future looked bright with Cain & Bultman’s yearly volume at a very respectable 600 to 700 thousand dollars.

A few years later with the title of vice-president and ten percent share of the company when Mr. Bultman died, Mr. Sandifer found himself getting yet another — this time much bigger — loan to buy the remaining ninety percent. The purchase became possible with the aid of a true friend and a friendly banker. Looking at a huge debt has a way of clearing the vision to see unique answers to businesses’ needs.

Today, Cain & Bultman provides sales, marketing and logistical services for the flooring industries top brand manufacturers.

Cain & Bultman’s primary objective is to provide valuable products to retail and commercial flooring dealers throughout the state of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama. Part of our responsibility is to call on Architects, General Contractors, Designers and Builders, with the goal of specifying the products that we serve on behalf of our valued partners. Through our efficiencies and logistical scope, we provide “next day” delivery throughout the entire southeast. For decades our corporate motto has been “Partners in Business”, and we strive to earn your partnership.


To provide the highest quality value added services to our “PARTNERS IN BUSINESS”. This will enable us to exceed our customers’ expectations, keeping in mind the end results must be to dominate our market, and to make a return on our investments.


To increase customer satisfaction with “QUALITY PERFORMANCE” for continuing growth. This will be achieved by serving both our internal and external customers with our company’s core values of “TEAMWORK, ATTITUDE, ENTHUSIASM, and INTEGRITY”.